Consolidating Elections


Minimum Wage
Mental Health Clinic
City Priorities
Closing Arguments

Early Child Education

The City has passed a resolution in favor of funding for early childhood education, and I will continue to support those efforts. With so many cutbacks in education, my plan is to work closely with our local state legislators to change the New Mexico Constitution regarding the provisions in the Land Grant Permanent Fund that concern the release of money for ECE.

Democracy Reform,
Equity, & Inclusion

I’m in favor of public financing for election campaigns. I think dark money should be taken out of elections because such corporate funding hides who is giving and how much they are giving. Dark money puts us all in the dark.

Community Schools

Lynn Middle School is not an experiment; it has become a model. Our city has initiated the Hunger Task Force. This coalition served approximately 500 meals to students between April and May 2017. I will pursue and expand on the community schools program as a City Councilor by working diligently to get more such schools for our children and families.


I support the City’s current policies and practices that protect all residents. Our police should not act as immigration officers. We have other more important local safety issues, and we should not divert our resources to immigration tasks. In addition, people will be deterred from reporting crimes for fear of being targeted.